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Miris AB is the manufacturer of the Miris Human Milk Analyzer (Miris HMA). Miris HMA provides a fast and simple way to measure the macronutrients in human milk enabling optimization of the fortification of breast milk in the NICU, s.k. targeted fortification.

Miris HMA is the only FDA cleared analyzer for human milk and received FDA clearance in December of 2018 (DEN180007). It is also the only analyzer for human milk with medical device registration in Europe. We have been providing HMAs to NICUs, Milk Banks and research facilities to improve nutritional care of preterm babies for over 15 years’.

Miris HMA

Miris HMA gives the energy, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content in human milk within minutes using a small sample volume.

Miris HMA is the only FDA cleared instrument for analysis of the macronutrient content of human milk (DEN180007, 2018) and it has been registered as an IVD in Europe since 2007. It has been used in NICUs, Milk Banks and research facilities to improve nutritional care of preterm infants for over 15 years.

Miris Ultrasonic Processor

Miris Ultrasonic Processor, a high-intensity ultrasonic liquid processor, rapidly homogenizes milk for analysis with Miris HMA.

Milk is an oil-in-water emulsion and fat separation (creaming, oiling-off) and protein aggregation are common in stored, particularly frozen, milk. The calibration of Miris HMA is adapted to homogenisation by Miris Ultrasonic Processor. This method is suitable for homogenising small milk volumes as required for the Miris HMA.

Miris Heater

Miris Heater is a water-free system that warms milk and other solutions to the optimal temperature for analysis with Miris HMA.

The heat-transfer beads supplied with Miris Heater has antibacterial coating and are easily cleaned and decontaminated using 70% Ethanol.

Miris Heater can be used for any size tube or bottle without the need for special holders.

Miris Calibration Control Kit

Miris Calibration Control Kit is a quality control material for the Miris HMA. The kit contains two solutions, Miris Calibration Control 1 and Miris Calibration Control 2, with known concentrations of fat, protein and carbohydrate.